Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Arrivals In Advice From Nature Designs

I have been updating the inventory available in Judy's Corner.  On eBay, the items are grouped together under "like" designs, allowing the customer to easily view availability of design and size, without having to walk through a dozen listings.  I hope this format appeals to the online shopper.  My inventory is also available on Bonanza, but the listing format is a little more constrained, requiring a bit more communication between the buyer and myself before being able to complete a transaction.

The bottom line is this.  I am happy to sell in whatever venue is available, and look forward to working with customers interested in my merchandise.  If you are interested in an item you see, either on eBay or Bonanza, but would like to learn more about the item, the shipping options, the payment options, please feel free to contact me here or through the selling site.

I hope you enjoy the recently added designs under my new listing format, pictured below.

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